Absolute Abs!!
In-Home, Upper Body Workout!
Low Impact Cardio Training Using Your Heart Rate
Home Exercise Program
This is the BEST way to Start Your Exercise Program! Learn how to use your heart rate to make ideal gains in your Weight Loss and Cardio Training!
Learn how to train your arms, chest, shoulders and back using common everyday household items! In-home training gives you the in-gym look without the in-gym fees! Upper body muscles workouts for your Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders, Chest and Back Muscles!
Finally a Stretching Routine You can do anywhere! Anytime! Great for warming up those Muscles, Relaxation, Circulation and Over-all Health. Stretching dramatically reduces your chance of injury!
Stretching for Success!
Everyone loves  a 6-pack! Use these simple exercises to get the look you want without the injuries that can follow bad form, bad movements or just a bad routine. Powerful Abs come from powerful Knowledge and Powerful training!